Portable charcoal mangal for grilling shashlik, BBQ, shish kebab or kabob.

Mangal is originally an Arabic word, but this term is popular in Russia and Central Asia as well. It´s used for cooking meat, poultry, fish and vegetables, by cutting these into small pieces and skewered on a metal stick. Different nations have specific names for the grill. In Russia and the CIS countries it is called "Shashlik grill" in Turkish - "Shish Kebab grill" and in Arab countries - "Shish Kabob grill". Today there are many options for sizes and designs of Mangals, as well as a large selection of materials for their manufacture. The best materials are cast iron, stone and bricks, because they keep heat wonderfully. But, it´s not possible to bring along a brick or stone Mangal in the car when you´re going camping or tailgating, and a cast iron grill would be too heavy. We offer here, the Mangal grill. You will be able to take it anywhere, even on a bicycle.

Cooking over charcoal

Charcoal is an ecologically friendly product that is used by people in different industries, and also for cooking since the 17th century. By using charcoal there are no harmful emissions into the atmosphere, it quickly flares up and becomes ready for use within 15-20 minutes. It also gives a uniform heat, unforgettable taste and aroma of grilled food. After the combustion, there is some ash, which can be used as a fertilizer for your garden. You can also use it as a wood burning grill for camping and tailgating with firewood that you can find around the place of rest. With this grill it´s possible to use any sort of charcoal or wood, making the possibilities for flavor and aroma unlimited. You will be completely satisfied with this portable charcoal grill.

Unique Design and technology

Built-in side vents provide air flow to the charcoal through a removable perforated tray. So, charcoal burns evenly, and the food is cooked evenly, regardless of where on the grill it is placed. The removable perforated tray is made from a thicker metal, designed to keep the bottom of the Mangal from excess heat and deformation, because most of the heat falls on the surface, where the charcoal is. Also, it is useful to easily dump ash in the lower bay, so charcoal is a constant heat. Side panels, that hold skewers, are made low, which saves charcoal and prevents the meat from becoming dry - it cooks well and quickly to the ready state. Legs of this grill are fixed crosswise, giving stability and resistance on any surface. You can use it as a "BBQ Grill" with using additional parts(side panels and BBQ grid), that are included in the set of the Mangal grill.

Side panels of the grill folds inside the construction. Folding legs are easily transformed into a thin and durable cover held firmly on top of construction by metal ball lock pin. The compartment inside the grill makes it easy to store all parts and accessories.

Safety and health

This is a stainless steel charcoal grill, that means not only greater strength and good appearance. But, the rust-proof 304 grade stainless steel used in the construction of our grills is considered the safest material for cooking meat by the U.S. Department of Health. All sharp edges and corners of the Mangal are polished, and most of all edges are bent, to avoid skin cuts. With two metal handles the grill is very comfortable to carry, and move(only move with special gloves, when it´s hot).


The Grill set includes:

  • 19.5´´ 12pcs Stainless Steel Skewers with a wooden handle(14´´ Long w/out handle).
  • 18´´ Stainless Steel BBQ meat turning hook with a wooden handle. You can mix coals and pick up grid with it too.
  • Additional side panels with a grid for cooking BBQ.

Other accessories are not required to purchase, but they will help in use this grill. For example, it may be a shovel to collect the ash, or charcoal chimney starter, or BBQ cleaning brush.

Product Specs:

  • Model:

    Portable PRO

  • Capacity:

    9-12 skewers (depending on the size of meat)

  • Dimensions:

    11.5´´ Wide x 21.25´´(w/out handles) Long x 3´´ Height (20.5´´ on legs)

  • Cooking area:

    10.75´´x21´´(225.75 sq. inches)

  • Stainless Steel Construction:

    20-gauge(0.0375´´) 304 Grade

  • Stainless Steel Ash Tray:

    16-gauge(0.0625´´) 304 Grade

  • Annealed Stainless Steel Skewers:

    0.395´´ Wide x 19.5´´ Long x 16-Gauge (0.0625´´) 304 Grade

  • Weight:

    24lb with skewers.

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