Portable stainless steel charcoal grills - outdoor gourmet grills.

Compact, cutting edge and beautiful this stainless steel charcoal grill is one of the healthiest ways to prepare meat. Unlike other healthy cooking methods cooking meat or vegetables on outdoor charcoal grills doesn´t dry out the meat, and the flavor and aroma from the smoke produced by the grill is a powerful flavor enhancer. Making the entire meal more delicious, than you might imagine given its healthy nature.

Cooking on Outdoor Charcoal Grills

Cooking outside can be daunting for many individuals who don´t own a grill or have experience using one. However, the actual process of using outdoor gourmet grills is simple. In the case of the Mangal, the grill has a large tray open under the actual grilling surface. The open area is filled with charcoal or wood, if desired, and then the grill is placed over the charcoal.

No lighter fluid is needed with this stainless steel outdoor grill thanks to its unique design. Simply spread the coals evenly across the bottom of the stainless steel charcoal grill. Light the charcoal and the motion of air through the carefully vented grill boxes will keep the flame burning as the charcoal burns down to the perfect level. Then it´s time to cook the food.

With the Mangal grill, it´s easy to cook either shish kebobs or larger cuts of meat. The difference is only in how you arrange the meat over the grill. Large cuts of meat, including: fish, steaks, pork and chicken, are placed in a grill basket and left to cook carefully over the exposed coals. Both the grilling basket and the skewers for kabobs are easy to handle and no matter where they are placed on the grill, the meat cooks evenly.

This is due to the unique design of the outdoor charcoal grills. Unlike traditional grills that have a deep well of coals, the portable stainless steel grill allows the cook to spread the coals across the wide, flat pan before cooking. This means all corners of the box have the same level of heat and intensity of coals. You can cook anywhere on the grill - even the corners - results are the same - Evenly prepared, aromatic meals.

The Benefits of a Portable Stainless Steel Grill

The United States Department of Health recognizes stainless steel charcoal grills as the healthiest way to prepare food outdoors. The portable stainless steel grill is comprised of 304 grade steel that is not only rust-proof but easy to clean as well. The Mangal grill is durable, beautiful and healthy as well.

While the cost of other stainless steel outdoor gourmet grills may be prohibitive to buyers, the compact Mangal grill is much more affordable and the convenience and portability purchased along with the grill is easily one of its finest selling points.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the stainless steel outdoor grill is the design. Unconventionally simple, the Mangal stands out from other outdoor charcoal grills. The design of the grill is a series of flat rectangular pans made from the highest quality stainless steel. The brushed stainless steel makes it possible for the coals to spread and cook evenly, but the design of the grill also simplifies the cleaning portion of the meal preparation as well.

To clean the Mangal grill, the cook needs to simply remove the bottom tray from the grill and dispose of the ashes that accumulated there. The brushed steel of the boxes are easy to wipe down as well, once the stainless steel outdoor grill is sufficiently cooled off.

A final element to the portable stainless steel grill is how easily the grill condenses into a flat rectangular design. The compact design is made possible by foldable legs and a clever fit. When the boxes of the Mangal grill are fitted together, they even leave room for the necessary implements including skewers, cleaning utensils and a lighter.

Simple to set up and even easier to clean up and store. The Mangal grill is a stainless steel outdoor grill that is not only the highest standard for food preparation, but overwhelmingly convenient as well.

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