Portable charcoal and wood burning grills for camping and tailgating.

There´s nothing better than the fragrant scent of dinner cooking as you enjoy the outdoors. Whether you´re in the quiet solace of the forest cooking near your campfire or you´re in a pack of rowdy friends waiting on dinner to be served before the big game, the grill you choose to prepare the main course can make a huge difference in how your meal turns out, how easily you can cook it and just how quickly you can clean up afterward.

Portable Charcoal Grills for Camping and Tailgating

The most obvious criteria for portable grills for tailgating or camping is that they are easily portable. Even the smallest grill designed for a patio can be a headache to clean out, pack up and unload at your campsite.

The tiny grills often used by campers barely have enough room to feed one camper, much less his entire family or a group of friends. This often leaves cooks in a tough position - should he bring a big grill and deal with the headaches of unloading and cleaning it? Or just cook multiple portions on the tiny portable grills?

However, there´s another choice that´s making all other portable charcoal grills for tailgating look obsolete.

The Mangal grill is so simple in appearance you wouldn´t guess that it´s a cutting edge design, but the simplicity of the design is exactly what makes it ideal for outdoor cooking experiences. Comprised of multiple boxes, the Mangal grill stands alone among portable grills for tailgating; thanks to its easy transportation, the simple cleaning requirements and, above all, the delicious creations the grill creates with its clean burning design.

Benefits of the Mangal Grill for Tailgating

While it can function as a wood burning grill, the Mangal grill is designed to compete with cutting edge portable grills for camping or tailgating. The design of the grill makes it simple to use charcoal without the need for any lighter fluid. The healthiest and arguably the most delicious way to cook, portable charcoal grills for camping produce food that has a distinctive aroma and a totally unmistakable flavor.

Cooks who pride themselves on their tailgate creations will find themselves pleased by the options available with the Mangal grill. The option for wood burning or charcoal makes it simple to add wood chips to the grill to aid in producing the desired flavor, and the optional open design of the grill makes cooking shish kabobs - a tailgating specialty - simple.

The design of the portable grills for camping includes specialized air ventilation holes. The air is able to move freely through these holes, circulating around under the charcoal and through the cooking environment so that the food is cooked evenly. Unlike many other portable grills for tailgating, the Mangal allows food to cook evenly no matter where it is placed on the grill - even the corners of the grill cook food well and completely.

The unique system of trays and charcoal make it possible for air to circulate around the charcoal. These trays are made from long-lasting rust-proof 304 grade stainless steel. The portable charcoal grills for tailgating are not only attractive in design, but highly functional as well.

When mealtime is over, the cook can simply let the grill cool down and then remove a tray in the bottom box of the grill to dump the ashes wherever is best. A quick wipe or spray of the stainless steel and the grill is clean and ready to use again next time. Simply collapse the grill back into the thin metal box made from the wood burning grill components and it becomes completely portable. Inside the flat box is a space designed to hold implements for the portable grills for camping including the skewers for kabobs and a lighter.

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